LGBTQIA+ releases that we are excited about in 2020!

Christmas is not far behind us, no doubt with shreds of festive wrapping paper still being discovered in odd places. We think there’s never a better time for treating yourself though. With that in mind, here are some queer releases for the year ahead that we are excited about and that we think you might be too.

Docile by K.M Szpara

Docile is set in a future world where debt can be paid off by selling yourself into servitude and becoming a Docile. Elisha Wilder’s family has been ruined by debt, but he intends to try and finally erase it. Seeing how his mother reacted to Dociline, a drug used to control those in servitude, he swears never to take it himself. Unfortunately, the man who buys him, Alexander Bishop III, has other ideas. When Elisha refuses him, Alex becomes determined to turn him into the perfect Docile without it. This promises to be dark and kinky, as it explores consent and BDSM in its different forms.

Loveless by Alice Oseman

Loveless centres around Georgia, a new student at university, and she’s desperate to find love despite never having felt any romantic inclinations. She loves romance in the media but can’t quite pin down her feelings about it when it comes to herself. Her roommate, Rooney, intends to school her on the art of finding that special person, setting both on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance as they find out how many different types of love there really are. This sounds like a very much needed story of questioning one’s sexuality when on the Ace spectrum, and we’ve no doubt that it will be handled perfectly by Oseman.

Ruinsong by Julia Ember

Ruinsong is set in a world where magic is wielded by song, and a powerful mage, Cadence, is forced to torture those that her ruthless queen deems disgraced. Suddenly being reunited with a childhood friend however, leads her to the underground rebellion that threatens to change everything. She finds herself facing a choice: free her country from a tyrant or follow her queen’s orders and become a monster herself. This sounds like a dark tantalising fantasy, full of morally grey characters and a fascinating magic system. 

Kept Animals by Kate Milliken

Kept Animals follows teenage Rory, who works as a ranch hand at the stable her stepfather manages, and it’s there that she rides for the rich clientele, including twins June and Wade Fisk. The girls are kept separate by their differing wealth and class until Rory’s stepfather is involved in a car accident, one that links these teenagers’ lives inextricably. The story is told by Rory’s daughter twenty years after the events, as she tries to piece her mother’s history together in the hopes of discovering her own. This is sure to be a gripping drama about girlhood and leaving it behind.

Homie by Danez Smith

Homie is a poetry collection that embraces the many wonderful facects of friendship, born from the loss of one of Smith’s close friends. In a world full of so much darkness and uncertainty, he aims to remind us of the simple joys and comforts we share with our found families, from the perfectly timed phone-call to a welcome hug. These poems sound heartwarming, relatable and offer some hope despite the current climate worldwide.

Things We Hide at Home by Nem Rowan

Things We Hide at Home is about Tenny, a transgender man looking for love within his BDSM community, where he stumbles across David, a curious newbie. He decides that teaching him the different facets of pleasure could be just what they both need, not expecting a genuine love to follow. But is David hiding something? Someone is watching Tenny, following him, threatening him. Can he really trust the sweet man he has only just met, or is he hiding a darker secret? This promises to be a sweet romance that explores positive BDSM depiction, and a twisting thriller all wrapped into one.

Raven Wild by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris

Raven Wild is about a boy named Hawk, who transitions into a young woman called Raven. When she rescues an injured bird, she discovers a poacher’s plan to steal a rare gem, one that has the power to control all creatures great and small. On her journey to save the animal kingdom, the connection she shares with her childhood friend, Finn, transforms into something much deeper. This is part of the Promised Land series, children’s books created to combat the lack of diversity in the genre. It sounds wonderful, full of adventure and whimsy.

These are just a small fraction of the books we are excited about during 2020.
What new LGBTQIA+ releases are you excited about?

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