B Proud PR: Queer PR for Queer Representation

Welcome to B Proud PR, a book promotion company for LGBTQ+ fiction. We are proudly promoting LGBTQ+ books and authors from within the community.

Why did I start B Proud PR?

Sharing love for books with LGBTQIA+ representation, and even more so when they are written by own voices authors, is very important and personal for me. That’s why, on for example Instagram, I’ve been focusing most of my content on just that, and why I’m also constantly trying to find new stories with genuine LGBTQIA+ rep.

As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community myself, I know how much those representations in books mean. We need genuine representation of all different kinds of people, and I’m of course not only talking about LGBTQIA+ rep here, to let people find themselves in what they’re reading, but also to open other people’s eyes, to normalize and to educate. We get more and more queer rep in books, but I still think we need even more own voices getting attention, and also for a bigger variation of different identities on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

B Proud PR will focus exclusively on LGBTQIA+ books (including comics and poetry), and then mostly by own voices authors (with exceptions when it’s been reviewed or beta-read by LGBTQIA+ readers, and is ”testified” to have good and genuine representation). I want to try to focus as much as I can on own voices though, because that’s important to me.

My dream is for this company to be more than just a PR company. I want it to be something that can give all different kinds of representation the attention it deserves, and therefore reach more people. I want it to be about celebrating diversity through promoting stories, as well as the authors who writes them, and, just as much, all the LGBTQIA+ readers who hopefully can find themselves in some of those books. I want to work with reviewers, bookstagrammers, bloggers, and others, who are genuinely excited about promoting diverse stories. I also want to do interviews with both authors and readers about what diversity and representation means to them, about their own stories and maybe about their favorite queer characters and why they matter so much to them.

This is someting very personal to me, and something I therefore feel very passionate about. I really want to put my whole heart into this, and truly hope I can find and support a lot of amazing LGBTQIA+ writers and readers out in the world.

If you want to be a part of promoting new, and older, releases of LGBTQIA+ books, sign up to our reviewers list!

The plan is to promote all kinds of LGBTQIA+ books. That includes graphic novels, comics, poetry, children’s books and more…

Looking forward to working with you all!

~ Linn Sjölin, Owner of B Proud PR

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